[Rpm-maint] join wiki edit group; intro; cross development

Ken MacLeod ken at bitsko.slc.ut.us
Sat Dec 23 18:10:57 UTC 2006

Hi all, I'm a long time RPM user, participated some on the rpm-devel
mail list waay long time ago (I suggested BuildRequires, iirc).  I'm
doing embedded cross development now and we're beginning to use RPM
and associated build tools (like plague/mock) pretty heavily.  Several
embedded Linux vendors are using RPM and most have modified versions
that help prevent mis-installs on the host system, maintain multiple
cross-target and cross-tool filesystems, and add rpmbuild macros for
cross compiling.

I'd be starting with a page on cross development RPM issues and a
survey of current implementation.


  -- Ken

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