[Rpm-maint] rpmbuild --skipcheck or similar ?

Balint Cristian cbalint at redhat.com
Mon Jan 15 19:24:08 UTC 2007


	Want to purpose to have some options like '--skipcheck' flag in rpmbuild to 
just skip %check section during builds.

	Concrete case of utility:

	E.g, i am porting fedora for alpha, of course *big* and *important* packages 
like gcc/binutils/glibc have testcase-running lines inside  %build sections,
but can move those line out in %check sections and enable/disable running 
those with rpmbuild by just sticking with --skipcheck. 

	Of course during the port implicitly without any flag %check section will run
by default , right after %build ,with all its tests included [we are very 
interested e.g especialy for glibc for tests] but next after than, when i 
already know that my packages are fine and tested tham well, i want some 
automated proces of mass rebuild of those source rpms, so just to save time 
would be usefull just pass something like --skipcheck or similar, maybe an 
automated script is involved for mass rebuild so propagating for each 
rpmbuild process a  --sckipcheck is easy in an enviroment. And belive me in 
this case where i am interested _just_ for rebuild that package it can save 
very precious time to just skip *check-tests* [suppose i already know/saw  
tham before, i know what i am doing, i dont need to re-run tests]. 
	I dont know, but when i say saving time imagine at 500Mhz  alpha or sparc 
mass re-building ~3.000 packages :-) 

	Is this a bad idea ?


Please cc me, i am not on list.

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