[Rpm-maint] Homepage for popt ?

Philippe Fremy philippe.fremy at inseal.com
Sun Jan 21 22:03:23 UTC 2007


I am a developer willing to use popt in yzis (a vim clone, see http://www.yzis.org). As with any
dependency that I include in my program, I want to point people to a place where to download it,
what version will work and will not work, and the usual stuff.

For popt, this does not exist:
- there are several versions on different internet places. I understand that popt origins from
Redhat alongside with rpm but it is difficult to see where a version comes from, if it was modified.

- debian and gentoo are not proposing the same versions, so I have to understand the differences.

- the ChangeLog was basically stopped after 1.6 (at least on the version that I am checking),
although the latest version I have is 1.10 . What was changed between 1.6 and 1.10 ?

- from quickly reading the doc, I see that some fields have been added to the callback function
signature after 1.7 . Is that still source and binary compatible ?

- I had to remove the GETTEXT check in the configure to compile it on cygwin, and I see that gentoo
did the same. Are the patches sent upfront ? Will they be integrated ?

- popt has very little visibility, although the library looks very mature. It was difficult for me
to find it on the web, and I was about to write one (another) argc/argv parsing.

- it seems that there are bugs in the static version of tranlation lib incluced along with popt. A
bug report page would be handy.

For all these points, I would like to put up a popt project page on sourceforge to maintain
information about popt, report bugs, fix them, have a mailing list, know which one is the latest
version, put the doxygen documentation online, and the other things that you do for a free software

Is there any interest or objections about this ?


	Philippe Fremy

ps: please include me in any reply, because I am not subscribed.

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