[Rpm-maint] Announcing RPM

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at redhat.com
Mon Jul 23 11:27:55 UTC 2007

May I represent to you the first rpm release from the renewed rpm.org, a maintenance release for the long-lived and widely adopted 4.4.2 

The time since 4.4.2 has been quite lenghty, and so is the number of fixes 
included in this release. Also various cleanups have been done, such as 
removing most (if not yet all) Red Hat-specific items and hacks from the 
sources to signify the fact that rpm.org is not tied to any single vendor.

The summary of fixes and cleanups since 4.4.2 follows, for full details and 
credits see the separate ChangeLog from the distribution tarball which can 
be found here:

sha1sum: d3a6c7f9f8f42849cad80cb6d3ddbe7ce2e72782

4.4.2 ->
         - remove internal sqlite, zlib, gettext
         - remove obsolete utilities
         - remove vendor gpg keys
         - fix spec parenthesis parsing
         - allow building without neon
         - disable hkp lookup by default
         - re-enable file-conflicts detection (rhbz#151609)
         - fix potential segfault in available file provides checking
         - fix Requires(pre,postun) (rh#155700)
         - fix db build wrt newer CFLAGS
         - fix popt CHARSET for various languages (rhbz#172155)
         - fix install size calculation with excludes in manifest (rhbz#89661)
         - use full path in the rpm cronjob (rhbz#174211)
         - filter out incorrect perl(main) provides (rhbz#177960)
         - fix scriptlet deadlock (rhbz#146549)
         - fix netshared path comparison (rhbz#52725)
         - make fcntl lock sensitive to --root (rhbz#151255)
         - fix rpmvercomp for strings with trailing null segments (rhbz#178798)
         - fix doxygen generation (rhbz#187714)
         - fix potential segfault if no rpmlock_path defined (rhbz#231146)
         - fix for thinko in debugedit on ppc
         - fix debugedit wrt OOo
         - fix debugedit with ../../ in paths
         - fix various other issues in debugedit (rhbz#205339)
         - allow customisable diff and use -p by default (rhbz#146981)
         - handle fork failure
         - fix a typo causing compiler warning (susebz#178055)
         - fix a %{buildsubdir} typo/thinko
         - fix uncompress waitpid logic to shut up the compiler (susebz#160434)
         - add support for %{_docdir} macro (rhbz#125514)
         - fix segfault on rpmbuild with empty file list
         - allow --ignoresize for erase operations
         - don't attempt to execute empty transaction (susebz#43267)
         - don't segfault if Fileno() is called with NULL
         - don't attempt to execute empty transaction (susebz#43267)
         - don't segfault if Fileno() is called with NULL
         - abort build if cwd not determinable
         - fix --noghost query option (rhbz#103207)
         - fix off-by-one error in glob
         - check rpmtsInitDB() return value
         - build internal Lua without readline support
         - make rpmdbSync obey the no_dbsync flag
         - fix package verification for packages with header+payload RSA but
           no header-only RSA
         - drop any s-bits early when deleting files (susebz#50376, rhbz#125517)
         - fix handling of old packages that use HEADERIMAGE
         - catch disk-space errors when writing signed packages
         - fix default verify flags for %doc (rhbz#235353)
         - fix debugedit for relative paths (rhbz#232222)
         - add configurable preferable elf colour policy (rhbz#235757)
         - python: always treat changelog as list
         - use older perl helper scripts by default
         - add mono req/provides support
         - remove SELinux context verification (rhbz#193488)
         - fix building without Lua support
         - fix --rebuilddb with --root option
         - fix --setperms and --setugids with uninstalled packages
         - don't run pre- and posttrans scripts in test mode
         - dbmatch keys can be unicode objects also (rhbz#219008)
         - gendiff: let diff arguments be specified in the environment
         - gendiff: emit diff headers (rhbz#237561)
         - improved error messages in verification of unreadable files
         - python: raise exception if tsAdd fails
         - check for supported package payload format (rhbz#140052)
         - fail build if beecrypt headers not found
         - build: check unpackaged files even if other errors are present
         - restore SIGILL handler in machine detection code
         - add --dupes popt alias for detecting duplicate packages in rpmdb
         - fix typo in check-prereq (rhbz#203182)
         - add --dupes popt alias for detecting duplicate packages in rpmdb
         - fix typo in check-prereq (rhbz#203182)
         - python: fix rpm.te Key() refcount (rhbz#182063)
         - python: always treat fileverifyflags as list
         - disable strict aliasing if compiler supports it (type-punning warns)
         - add zh_TW translation
         - add support for srcdefattr macro (susebz#48870, rhbz#125515)
         - detect python 2.5 automatically in configure
         - python: reference counting for match-iterators (rhbz#241751)
         - updated fi translation
         - fix format string errors in de translation
         - allow characters > 127 that don't fit the current locale in spec
         - treat null epoch equal to zero epoch in freshen (rhbz#143301)
         - python: treat null epoch equal to zero labelCompare (rhbz#227860)
         - permit installing multiple package versions with -i (rhbz#213399)
         - fix <name>.<arch> query output for non-installed package (rhbz#124016)
         - updated pl translation
         - don't read packages with non-verifiable signatures (rhbz#239557)
         - don't try to open non-existent file twice in query
         - flush query format buffer before listing files (rhbz#212833)
         - check all header strings to resize buffer (rhbz#212833)
         - don't segfault on a header without RPMTAG_NAME (rhbz#239557)
         - fix file status for replaced files (rhbz#237478)
         - make %_signature default to gpg instead of none
         - don't skip directories in fingerprinting (rhbz#140055, 223639, ...)
         - remove vendor, release specific dependency whitouts
         - remove upstream spec files for rpm and popt
         - don't open temporary databases in rpmdbOpenAll()
         - open non-temporary db's before chroot (rhbz#103952, 173285)
         - don't treat provides as implicit obsoletes (rhbz#111071, ...)
         - fix CVE-2007-1536, CVE-2007-2799 in internal libmagic
         - support specifying fuzz factor to %patch (rhbz#243720)
         - enable ordering on erase mode
         - transaction ordering fixes (rhbz#196590, 202540, 202542, ...)
         - added IPv4/6 and EPSV support
         - transaction ordering fixes (rhbz#196590, 202540, 202542, ...)
         - added IPv4/6 and EPSV support
         - remove hardcoded /var/log/lastlog kludgery
         - don't mmap large files (rhbz#139539, 177616)
         - detect and provide a requirement for DT_GNU_HASH
         - ARM architecture update
         - update popt version for clean upgradability
         - remove hardcoded libtermcap vs bash kludge
         - updated Russian man pages (rhbz#185620)
         - fix a sparse warning in popt.h (rhbz#202005)
         - disable broken "make check" tests
         - treat /usr/share/gtk-doc/html/ as a docdir
         - plug some minor memory leaks
         - use --wildcards with tar for compatibility with tar >= 1.15.91
         - fix segfault on errors if neon transport is used (rhbz#220392)
         - new buildroot sanity checker scripts check-buildroot and check-rpaths
         - new debugedit option for recomputing build ID

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