[Rpm-maint] RPM roadmapping

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at redhat.com
Mon Jul 30 07:44:21 UTC 2007

Hey all,

With RPM fresh out and 4.4.x branched off to maintenance mode, time to 
start looking forward to next major release.

The TODO in hg.rpm.org repository outlines some targets already. Some of 
the items are specific enough, others need to be made somewhat more 
concrete. Also it has items that wont be likely to be ready by the next 
major release, and on the other hand there are items missing that we want 
to (perhaps even must) have in the next major release.

But to the point really: What would *you* like to see in the roadmap, 
specifically for the next major release? Better yet, would you be 
interested to work on some of those items, or things on the current todo?

The schedule for the next major release (or RC of one) has been initially 
planned to be roughly six months from now, to put things to perspective 
wrt what can realistically be accomplished.

One of the bigger items I'd personally like to see is cutting off the 
deeply twisted ties between rpm lib and cli, to the point where the two 
*could* be split into separate projects (whether actually splitting them 
makes sense or not is another question). This is going to mean some 
breakage for users of C/C++ API, not necessarily so for language bindings. 
Breaking things for good reason can be justified in major release, so 
while at it, I think we should look for other things that *need* some 
amount of breaking to cut loose of ancient legacy babbage and such to 
avoid having to break things again in the near future.

 	- Panu -

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