[fedora-arm] Re: [Rpm-maint] [patch, rfc] assorted changes for arm

Lennert Buytenhek buytenh at wantstofly.org
Thu Jun 21 17:06:31 UTC 2007

On Thu, Jun 21, 2007 at 07:03:26PM +0200, Lennert Buytenhek wrote:

> > I don't think that the "j" makes a lot of sense.  I've never seen any
> > code that actually makes use of the 'j'.
> A Linux 2.6 kernel running on an ARM926EJ-S, an ARM1026EJ-S or a
> Marvell Feroceon core will report 'armv5tej' in uname -r.

Obviously, I meant '-m/-p/-i' here.

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