[Rpm-maint] Current TODO

Paul Nasrat pnasrat at redhat.com
Tue May 29 09:47:16 UTC 2007

We've a TODO currently in hg, I thought I'd post it here in case people
aren't following commits.

Feel free to propose items, discuss, etc.

- merge rest of applicable Suse + RH patches
- uninternationalize RPMMESS_DEBUG strings to ease translator work

4.5 and beyond
Janitorial work:
- clean up old junk like workarounds of -95 era (g)libc bugs etc
- use glib/glibc (string manipulation, memory handling etc) facilities
  of internal versions from -95 era 
- audit and clean up user visible strings
- clean up the build process (auto*-stuff, compiler warnings)
- use mkstemp() instead of mktemp() everywhere
- refactor those 800+ line monster functions into something more
- split popt to separate project
- remove internal file/libmagic?
- remove internal lua?

- proper separation of exported and private headers to clean up the API
- package verification API (instead of just printing out letters)
- proper package build API (python)
- proper separation of rpm-cli and lib functionality
- eliminate need for headerGetEntry() where it makes sense (eg

- grammar for specfiles, rpm macros 
- support adding dep handlers per file type/class/extension without
patching rpm

- audit error handling in bindings (eg ts.addInstall() does not report
  failures from rpmtsAddInstallElement())

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