[Rpm-maint] Rally: minor API requests

Maxim Udushlivy udushlivy at mail.ru
Tue Nov 13 18:08:37 UTC 2007

Panu Matilainen wrote:
>> (1)
> Sounds entirely reasonable to me, there are a number of users 
> (smartpm, apt-rpm ...) that would benefit. Whatever the 
> implementation, it needs to abstract out any backend DB details (as 
> rpm supports BDB and SQLite backends for the DB)
The implementation may look this way:

time_t rpmGetDbMtime(const char * root) {
    time_t mtime= 0;
    const char * path= rpmGenPath(root, "%{_dbpath}", 
    struct stat buf;
    if(path && Stat(path, &buf) == 0)
        mtime= buf.st_mtime;
    return mtime;

Sample usage:

void * lock= rpmtsAcquireLock(ts);
if(lock) {
    if(cache_mtime != rpmGetDbMtime(NULL)) {
        // retrieve installed package headers
        // from RPM DB into application cache

The remaining problem is that rpmlock.h is not public.

>> (2)
> There are a number of issues (API and other things) with rpm's public 
> key handling that need addressing sooner or later .. concrete API 
> suggestions welcome.
The API to supply a custom keyring for rpmts is sufficient to solve (2) 
I think:

int rpmtsCustomKeyringAdd(rpmts ts, const byte * pkt, size_t pktlen);
int rpmtsCustomKeyringReset(rpmts ts);

Sample usage:

const byte * pkt= NULL;
size_t pktlen= 0;
pgpReadPkts(path_to_gpg_key, &pkt, &pktlen);
rpmtsCustomKeyringAdd(ts, pkt, pktlen);
rpmRC rc= rpmReadPackageFile(ts, fd, path_to_rpm, &header);
if(header && rc==RPMRC_OK) {
    // package was read successfully using the supplied public key

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