[Rpm-maint] various bug fixes (patches)

seth vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Tue Nov 13 18:57:53 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-11-13 at 19:51 +0100, Michael Schroeder wrote:

> You don't need the missingok flag for SUSE's weak dependencies
> at all, as they are not stored in the normal dependency tags.
> If you want to add weak deps you need to decide where to store them.
> There are two possibilities:
> 1) Jeff's way:
>    Put suggests into the require dependencies and enhances into
>    the provides dependencies. Use the RPMSENSE_MISSINGOK flag
>    to tell them apart from normal dependencies.
>    Advantage:
>      - compatible to rpm-5
>      - can do reverse lookups with '--whatprovides' and
>        'whatrequires' (this might also be a disadvantage,
>         as you currently can't exclude weak deps from
>         the searches)
>    Disadvantages:
>      - breaks with older rpm versions and installers
>      - storing enhances as provides is a bit odd

Not so keen on everything just breaking.


> 2) SUSE's way:
>    Put suggests and enhances in the corresponding tags (they
>    already exist in rpm-4, but where not used)
>    Advantage:
>      - old rpm versions and installers just ignore them
>    Disadvantage:
>      - incompatible with rpm-5
>      - there's currently no index for reverse lookups
> Adding a semi-weak version (i.e. recommends/supplements) with
> RPMSENSE_STRONG is a different (and minor) issue.

sounds like things break-less here.

However, I'm keen on things being maintainable and I'm not sure which of
the above is the most maintainable in the long run.


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