[Rpm-maint] Announcing RPM maintenance release

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at redhat.com
Wed Oct 3 10:03:09 UTC 2007

It's only been a couple of months since previous release but enough fixes 
and minor enhancements have gotten backported into the stable 4.4.x branch 
to warrant a new maintenance release. The summary of changes from 
to can be found below, for full details and credits see the 
ChangeLog file within the source tarball which can be found here:

sha1sum: e69dc7898de34ffc82b33fa5a01285e62681c972 ->
 	- avoid .rpmnew if file in package hasn't changed (rhbz#194246)
 	- avoid .rpmnew/.rpmsave if files only differ by timestamp (rhbz#128622)
 	- minor makefile cleanups
 	- install preferred multilib color packages first (rhbz#214737)
 	- show pre- and posttrans scripts in --scripts query (susebz#253620)
 	- create compat macros for ia32e and amd64 (rhbz#211119, #223355)
 	- fix various buffer overflows in macro handling (rhbz#253971)
 	- fix building with latest glibc open() changes
 	- convert manuals to UTF-8
 	- make find-lang --with-gnome picks up omf files (rhbz#251400)
 	- fail build on dependency extraction errors (rhbz#226751)
 	- update default per-arch compiler flags for modern gcc (rhbz#212583)
 	- add comment about checking --help to manuals (rhbz#164281)
 	- avoid truncating /var/log/rpmpkgs in case of errors (rhbz#232830)
 	- avoid wrong selinux context on /var/log/rpmpkgs creation (rhbz#315271)
 	- rpmtsAddInstallElement() consistency (rhbz#180996, rhbz#281611)
 	- clarify --initdb usage in manual (rhbz#218057)
 	- skip stale and unaccessible (FUSE) mountpoints (rhbz#190496, 220991)
 	- buildid-related debugedit fixes
 	- add/update Spanish and Italian translations
 	- add missing files for translation (rhbz#249608)
 	- ARM-architecture fixes
 	- fix --dump usage description in manual
 	- update scriptlet names to match with reality (rhbz#248128)
 	- make docdir checking strict (rhbz#246819)
 	- perl dependency extraction fixes (rhbz#214496, #198033, #249135)
 	- permit API users to select non-exiting rpmdb termination
 	- dont check for termination signals in middle of transaction
 	- avoid leaving stale locks around on python tracebacks
 	- debugedit -l file matching fixes
 	- don't read *.rpmnew etc backup macro files
 	- fix error reporting on rpm --checksig (rhbz#155079)
 	- fix false mire matches on nonexistent headers (rhbz#277161)
 	- handle mire matching on binary blobs
 	- fix segfault in mire matching on binary data types
 	- add Sparc Niagara arch support (rhbz#263521)
 	- add %alpha macro for supported alpha archs (rhbz#295941)
 	- fix typos in default optflags for some archs (rhbz#305221)
 	- fix disk space checking on 100% full filesystems (rhbz#308171)
 	- own omf directories found by find-lang (rhbz#296731)
 	- fake callbacks on erasure for packages without files (rhbz#259961)
 	- python: add methods for checking and terminating on signals
 	- python: add method for expanding macros

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