[Rpm-maint] Version of Tar used with RPM

Hugh Caley hughc at aldon.com
Tue Sep 18 19:31:21 UTC 2007

I hope this is the right forum for this.  There were only two forums
listed at rpm.org.

I need to get RPM on AIX to use GNU tar, and I can't figure out how to
do it. I'm setting the %__tar macro to /opt/freeware/bin/tar in
my .rpmmacros file, but the %setup phase of the RPM build still insists
on using "tar" (which means it uses the first tar it finds in the PATH,
which is /usr/bin/tar).

As  you can see from the output below, it is respecting my definition of
the location of gzip, but not tar:

> + tar -xf -
> + /opt/freeware/bin/gzip -dc /home/hughc/redhat/SOURCES/SecurityServer-1.1A.tgz

I can't just put /opt/freeware/bin first in my path; we have GCC and the
various GNU build utilities installed, and it breaks XLC.

Anyone know how to do this?

RPM version is rpm-3.0.5-30; since this is the only version that IBM
provides, I'm probably not going to be able to upgrade it, but if that
would be the only solution ...


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