[Rpm-maint] rpm released

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at redhat.com
Tue Apr 1 08:15:25 UTC 2008

This is a fairly big pile of fixes to all sorts of bugs old and new, from 
variety of sources: accumulated work from rpm.org HEAD, many fixes from 
Mandriva, patches from various individuals and fixes ported from rpm5.org. 
For full credits and details, see the ChangeLog file in the tarball.

The tarball can be found here:
http://rpm.org/releases/rpm- and sha1 sum is
10311c6404796507f193323d387c5e3f79e72d6b  rpm-

The "short" summary of changes since follows:
- avoid bogus dependencies from private glibc flags on ARM (rhbz#436770)
- leave room for trailing zero on macro shell expansion (rhbz#431009)
- updated Polish translation
- add super-H arch support (rhbz#432496)
- avoid permission denied messages from FUSE mounts (rhbz#432907)
- improved header i18n locale matching (mdvbz#???)
- play nice with xargs (avoid exit code 255)
- updated sr + sr at latin translations
- updated pt_BR translation
- fix printing of filenames with whitespace in check-files (rhbz#430428)
- add support for lzma compressed sources
- remove questionable non-utf polish comment confusing doxygen
- clarify rpmtsCheck() documentation (rhbz#159638)
- clarify rpm manpage wrt rpmbuild binary vs package (rhbz#233232)
- add OSGi dependency extractor script
- rename norwegian translation no -> nb (rhbz#332271)
- find-lang POSIX-compliant find(1) usage + spelling fixes
- find-lang localized man page and qt translation support
- match *.omf, not *omf in find-lang
- debugedit fixes for DW_FORM_ref_addr and empty DW_AT_comp_dir
- don't mess up problem pkgNEVR in python ts.check() (rhbz#349091)
- use NEVRA, not NEVR everywhere for rpmProblems
- add Catalan translation (rhbz#350401)
- fix segfault in %{lua:...}'s rpm_print
- don't automatically print a newline in rpm_print
- fix free on invalid pointer on temp file failure (mdvbz#???)
- use dgettext() instead of just gettext() (mdvbz#???)
- align rpm -V output (mdvbz#31287)
- fix build without -O2 (mdvbz#???)
- make rpmbuild honor --quiet (mdvbz#???, rhbz#124300)
- fix rpm -K segfault on corrupted header (mdvbz#33735)
- fix download path in README
- fix query return codes (rhbz#244236)
- don't do tilde expansion if HOME is not set
- add python method for for retrieving (without setting) ts vsflags
- OS X Leopard portability fixes
- ordering fix (don't use RPMSENSE_PREREQ)
- fix multi-line macro expansion in last line of spec (mdvbz#27417)
- avoid compressFilelist() stack overflow in pathological cases
- handle "use vX.X.X" in perl dependency extraction (rhbz#140597)
- fix field-width specifiers when no space between (rhbz#323221)
- don't unlink non-temporary file in FSM_UNDO (rhbz#223931)
- print --usage to stderr instead of stdout (rhbz#164021)
- set a default 0022 umask value always (#83006)
- last 8 bytes of RSA modulus is keyid for V3 pubkeys (#205080)
- convert '-' to '_' within --define macro names (#124995)
- handle spaces in file path arguments correctly (#217258)
- avoid access(2) quirks querying symlinks, lstat(2) instead (#60288)
- permit files with glob characters in *.rpm packages (#147383)
- add support for triggerprein scriptlets
- add support for Geode CPU (rhbz#428979)
- missing space in russian translation (mdvbz#36974)
- print regular provides on build too (mdvbz#36672)
- bandaid for truncated error message in russian (mdvbz#31680)
- install secondary arch macros on x86_64 (rhbz#194123)
- don't mess up --target when reading rpmrc includes (rhbz#232429)
- whitespace in dirnames fixes wrt rpmbuild (rhbz#220449)
- much improved find-debuginfo script
- debuginfo build-id integration 
- bandaid for reads timeouting on heavily loaded systems (mdvbz#???)

  	- Panu -

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