[Rpm-maint] Moving packages between environments using rpm

Tom Szczesny tavmem at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 10:51:19 UTC 2008

I am having a problem with the aplus-fsf package in Fedora.  The package was
working in 4 environments (F8/x86_64, F7/x86_64, F8/i686 and
F7/i686.  aplus-fsf began having problems in 3 environments (F7/x86_64,
F8/i686 and F7/i686) but continued to work in F8/x86_64.  No changes had
been made to the aplus-fsf package in any of the environments, but several
other packages had been updated.  (As an aside, updates to the
NetworkManager package had been received but had failed to install
in F8/x86_64 where aplus-fsf is still working.)

I created new partitions and did fresh installs of F9/x86_64 and F9/i686:
aplus-fsf did not work in either one.   I created a new partition and did a
fresh install of F8/x86_64:  aplus-fsf does not work there.  I now have two
F8/x86_64 environments on the same machine, one in which aplus-fsf works,
and one in which it does not.

I have identified 17 packages that have different versions in the two
environments.  I would like to take the package versions from the working
environment and install them in the problem environment.

Is there some RPM command that will extract a package from the rpm data base
in the working environment to a file that can be transferred to the problem
environment as a replacement?  I wish to do this package by package to check
if there is a package/version that is affecting aplus-fsf.

Alternatively, I could upgrade the packages in the working environment until
aplus-fsf fails, but then I risk losing my last working aplus-fsf.

If there is a better strategy for trouble-shooting this problem,
please suggest it.
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