[Rpm-maint] upgrade/replace multiple packages with custom package

Florian Festi ffesti at redhat.com
Fri Aug 29 13:22:31 UTC 2008

Andy Harrison wrote:
>  Everything looks great at this point, but when I actually run the rpm
> upgrade command, it complains that my package has files that conflict
> with the currently installed openldap packages.  I put in Obsoletes
> lines for every package and version to be replaced (expressed this way
> just for brevity:  Obsoletes:
> openldap-{servers,clients,devel,servers-sql} <= 2.4) to no avail.
If you set the obsolete right it should work. Make sure to run rpm -U 
and not rpm -i

Why don't you just modifiy the original source rpms? This would make it 
much more difficult for errors to sneak in.

Florian Festi

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