[Rpm-maint] %pre section is executed asynchronously - meant behavior?

Alex Lobanovsky alex.laban at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 11:08:16 UTC 2008


hope this is THE place to ask rpm development questions. If not, please,
excuse me and direct me to the right place.

In course of rpm installation I need to display license before any
installation takes place, and wait for user to accept the license. If it is
accepted, rpm goes on. If not, nothing must happen.

In debian distro's I use preinst script for this. It works fine. For rpm I
use %pre section in .spec file. Surprisingly, rpm executes %pre part of
script asynchronously! It doesn't wait for exit code of the script, it
doesn't idle setup process. Is this meant behavior?

How can I force rpm to execute %pre script synchronously and respect the
exit code of this script?

Thanks for all your work and time,
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