[Rpm-maint] yum/rpmlib timings: 1000 vs 9000 packages

Florian Festi ffesti at redhat.com
Wed Jan 23 13:17:22 UTC 2008


As already announced on #yum I am currently playing with really big 
installations: F8 Everything everything

I now have timed various sub tasks in the preprocessing phase of rpmlib. 
This gives a quite good idea where the problems are. Some of them need to be 
fixed in yum others in rpm(lib).

The two test candidates are both fresh installs into an installroot on a 
Fedora 8 machine using yum HEAD and rpm HEAD. One does a group install 
resulting in about 1k packages ("Office/Productivity" "GNOME Desktop 
Environment" "Games and Entertainment" "Sound and Video" "Development Tools" 
"Graphical Internet" "System Tools" Core Base Editors Java "X Window System" 
Graphics Ruby "KDE (K Desktop Environment)" ) and the second installs "*", 
excludes 3 packages to resolve conflicts and uses the new --skip-broken 
feature to get a working set of packages. This results in 8.9k packages.

All timings are in seconds (if not stated otherwise). I also give the ratio 
of the timing to make spotting the runtime behavior easier.

Have fun

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