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Nesreen nsanad at itsoft.com.eg
Thu Jul 3 09:25:09 UTC 2008

Dar Sir,


            I am making a research in my company to star using RPM software,
I have several questions that will brainstorm my view about RPM and that
will truly help us deciding using RPM software.


1- I wander that upon making a package using RPM software, can I assign
version/build numbers for each file included in my package , can I query
this version number after installation?(and I assume that my package
contains set of binaries and database files).?

2- Does RPM detect dependencies between files when installing the package?
Can it ask to user to leave or override existing file upon installation?

3- Does RPM have restrictions on the software file types that will be
packaged? My software contains of binary files, JSF, Oracle Forms, C/C++ and
Oracle DB files

4- Does RPM support the following platforms? 


*          SUN Solaris

*          HP

*          HP Itanium


I appreciate if you reply me, so that we can make our decision for start
using RPM software.



Best Regards,

Nesreen Sanad

Senior Developer

Tel: +20-2-22730032/8

Fax: +20-2-22725882

Mob: +20-12-2377129

Web:  <http://www.itsoft.com.eg/> www.itsoft.com.eg


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