[Rpm-maint] strange dependency issue

Tom Brown tom at ng23.net
Wed Mar 19 22:20:02 UTC 2008

> This is probably the reverse of your previous situation.  The name of
> the package is clearly not "jdk", so it must be either "jdk-1.6.0_04"
> or "jdk-1.6.0_04-fcs".  Doing "rpm -qi jdk-1.6.0_04-fcs" will show you
> which part is the name and which part is the version.  Then you just
> need to write:
> Requires: <name part> = <version part>

# rpm -qi jdk-1.6.0_04-fcs
Name        : jdk                          Relocations: /usr/java
Version     : 1.6.0_04                          Vendor: Sun 
Microsystems, Inc.
Release     : fcs                           Build Date: Fri 14 Dec 2007 
11:16:06 GMT

so it seems the name is indeed jdk ? if thats the case i dont see why

Requires: jdk = 1.6.0_04

would not work ?

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