[Rpm-maint] Bug: rpm should set a fixed umask of 0022 before running pre-/post scripts

Joerg Mayer jmayer at loplof.de
Tue May 20 18:01:14 UTC 2008


I'm running opensuse-factory and have opened a bug there but was redirected
to the upstream rpm for a fix (https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=390260).

The problem: The postinstall scripts of some rpms create/replace files
and while doing so assume a root umask of 0022. This will cause problems
when root's umask is 0077.

The bug shows in the postinstall scripts of some packages, as they creates new
files and leave the new file at the default permissions, which in turn
are modified by root's umask, which is 0077 on my system, resulting in files
with permissions 600 instead of 644.

The version of rpm is rpm-4.4.2-195.


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