[Rpm-maint] On rpm.org site-update

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at redhat.com
Fri Oct 17 10:32:23 UTC 2008

Anybody visiting rpm.org recently will have noticed that things have 
changed quite a bit, an announcement has just been missing. The short 
story is that rpm.org moved from Duke University to OSU OSL hosting, and 
the web content changed from mixture of static html and wiki to having 
everything in Trac.

Having Trac means RPM *finally* has an independent upstream bug tracker. 
What's remaining is putting it into real use: there's now an obvious place 
where to put upstream bug reports and rfe's. It also means vendors have a 
place where to refer all clearly "upstream" bugs and rfe's from their own 
bug trackers, without losing track of them. For example, as Red Hat 
bugzilla was historically used for rpm upstream bug reporting due to lack 
of anything better, it's just choke-full of things that do not belong 
there at all. Going through the reports and moving relevant bits to 
rpm.org Trac will be done as time permits, and help on that task is 
certainly welcome.

As for Trac wiki, the content in Trac wiki is more or less manually 
converted from Moin wiki, and the conversion might be a bit rough in 
places. All content from old wiki should be available in Trac too, but 
some of the pages were moved for more logical grouping. A big pile of 
other, ancient (often pre 2002) content was purposefully taken off-line. 
If something valuable has gone missing (be it wiki or other content), let 
us know (via Trac or mail). Full backup of the old site exists off-line so 
no content is lost. As a "new" thing, the sources for most old rpm 
releases are again available online at http://rpm.org/releases/historical/

We didn't even try to move existing accounts and permissions from Duke 
Moin wiki to Trac. If you had editor permissions on the old wiki, please 
register yourself to Trac and file a web component ticket (or just drop me 
a note) requesting editor rights, stating your username to regain editor 
permissions. New wiki-contributors are most welcome too, just additionally 
describe what area of documentation you're interested in working on.

And of course the same goes for any other bits that may have fallen 
through cracks in the move - just let us know.

 	- Panu -

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