[Rpm-maint] ACL and File Capability Support in RPM

Andreas Gruenbacher agruen at suse.de
Mon Sep 1 14:42:25 UTC 2008

Hello all,

I am trying to get the minimal bits and pieces into place for allowing us to 
start using file capabilties.

Currently, rpm neither supports acls nor file capabilities [1], and so when 
they are needed, the usual way is to set them in the %post script. This 
works, but unfortunately rpm then cannot --verify that a file has the right 
permissions and capabilities attached.

In am not aware of any cases where acls would actually be needed for packaged 
files, so I think that we can safely leave acl support out of rpm for now. It 
would be nice to check for acls in --verify, though.

With file capabilities, things are different: distributions are going to start 
using them instead of suid root binaries, and perhaps to run some daemons 
with fewer privileges. The number of packages using capabilities won't be 
huge, but sure more than a hand full.

I believe that full capability support in rpm would be very useful. I am not 
familiar enough with the rpm codebase, and I don't think I can implement full 
file capability support efficiently.

Nevertheless, rpm can meanwhile at least make sure in --verify that no files 
have capabilities attached. To allow turning this check off, a new %verify 
file list flag and a new --nocaps command line option seems to make sense for 

The attached two patches against (our version of) rpm-4.4.2 do the following:


    In --verify, also check for POSIX ACLs as part of the mode checks, and
    complain if any are found.


    Introduce a new "caps" %verify flag, and allocate a flag for it.
    Introduce a new --nocaps command line option.
    In --verify, also check for the presence of file capabilities, and
    complain if any are found. Use "P" as the indicator letter in the
    --verify output (in a new column).

What do you think -- do these patches look acceptable?


[1] http://ols.fedoraproject.org/OLS/Reprints-2008/hallyn-reprint.pdf

Andreas Gruenbacher <agruen at suse.de>, SUSE Labs
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