[Rpm-maint] [PATCH] liblzma api fixes, xz payload support, payload compatibility

Per Øyvind Karlsen pkarlsen at rpm5.org
Thu Jan 22 06:00:42 UTC 2009

This patch ported (mainly;) from rpm5.org HEAD fixes some api breakages
due to change done for the xz beta release (which the api of should be
now), add support for new xz payload in parallel with lzma payload and also
sets the feature provides and requires for lzma payload to versions so that
compatibility with suse, mandriva & rpm5.org is properly taken care of.


The xz format is now frozen and considered stable, so for anyone who
wants to start adopting it, it should now be safe. :)

same patches for rpm 4.6.0 from mandriva svn:

jnovy: sorry for my laziness and delay ;p
Per Øyvind
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