[Rpm-maint] [PATCH 04/12] Add new %policy section to the spec file format

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Fri Oct 23 17:13:21 UTC 2009

Steve Lawrence (slawrence at tresys.com) said: 
> After each %module directive can be zero or more options, specified in
> the same format as Preamble tags. The current options are:
> Base:      Whether or not the module is a base module. Values can be
>            yes/1 or no/0. Defaults to no/0 if not given.
> Name:      The name of the module. If not given, we assume the name is
>            the basename of the module file with file extensions removed
> Obsoletes: One or more space-separated strings specifying which modules
>            are obsoleted by a module. Obsoleted modules are removed and
>            the new modules are installed. An example of when this might
>            be used is in policy renames. For example, if we renamed
> 		   foo.pp to bar.pp, we would specify that bar obsoletes foo. If
> 		   not specified, it is assumed the module obsoletes nothing.
> Types:     One or more space-separated strings specifying which policy
>            types the module can work with. To explicitly state that a module
> 		   can work with any policy type, "default" can be specified as
> 		   the value. If not specified, we assume the module can work with
> 		   any policy type, and assign the types as "default".

How do you properly handle conflicts or requirements with various versions
of the base policy package?

> %policy
> %module policy/foo.pp
>    Name: foo
>    Types: mls
>    Obsoletes: baz boo
> %module policy/bar.pp
>    Name: bar
>    Types: strict targeted mls
>    Obsoletes: foo
>    Base: yes

I'm assuming the whitespace is irrelevant here. If it's not, it
should be.

>  0: mls                     0: 0
>  1: strict                  1: 1
>  2: targeted                2: 1
>  3: mls                     3: 1

So, for every new policy type that gets created, RPM
would need patched and rebuilt to recognize it?


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