[Rpm-maint] [PATCH 1/4] Handles case insensitive filesystems.

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at laiskiainen.org
Fri May 21 12:45:32 UTC 2010

On Wed, 19 May 2010, Giulio Eulisse wrote:

>> Mac OS X is case insensitive? Yikes... and a bit of looking around reveals
>> that to be the case indeed, with a special switch to enable case-sensitivity
>> per-filesystem (but which apparently breaks all sorts of apps there)
>> The bottom line here is that rpm requires a POSIX compliant filesystem, and
>> that includes case-sensitivity. I dont see much point making it compile on a
>> system where it's not going to work anyway. OTOH renaming rpmhash.[CH] to
>> something else that also happens to cure the conflict is no big deal as
>> such, but if they're to be renamed they should be renamed to something that
>> makes sense, sticking "big" in the filename is just ... "whaaaaaaaat?" :)
> Ciao,
> Sorry for the extremely long delay in replying (and thanks), your
> mail(s) got filtered. :-/

Doh :)

> I confirm that macosx is case insensitive, but I also confirm that we
> do use RPM to build packages there without too much troubles.
> I'm happy to change the name to something which makes more sense but I
> would really not know how to call it... ;) Suggestions?

I took a slightly different approach: rpmhash.[ch] consistent of just a 
single function, I moved that into misc.[ch] thus eliminating the 
rpmhash.[ch] files and the unnecessary case-conflict with minimal fuss:

 	- Panu -

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