[Rpm-maint] RPM 4.9.0 alpha available

seth vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Mon Nov 22 14:46:34 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-11-22 at 15:18 +0200, Panu Matilainen wrote:
> > - tilde support in version comparison
> No fundamental objections, it'd simplify packaging of pre-release versions 
> a great deal. The current suggested patch has some issues though, see
> http://rpm.org/ticket/56#comment:6 
> I dunno if the compatibility aspect is worth worrying about too much.
> There might be a handful of packages using ~ in version/release in 
> the wild but common it is not, and it probably wouldn't be the end of the 
> world if those got "broken". Still it needs to be at least considered, 
> even if the decision is just to ignore.

And we'll need to add support to yum-metadata-parser and createrepo to
understand the new type.

> > - defining some tag where yum/zypp/smart can store the reason
> >   why the package was installed (user selected/dragged in via
> >   dependencies), so that we can implement a "show me all unneeded
> >   packages" function
> I'm fine with adding such a tag, as long as its defined in a way that it 
> can be used by all the relevant depsolvers. We seem to have a pretty good 
> attendance from the depsolver camps this time around... so:
> What such things are the depsolvers currently storing in their own 
> databases, and in what format? The "reason" tag would seem to me to be an 
> "enum" type basically (explicit request or dependency), so it'd be an 
> integer in the header with some predefined RPM_FOO_* constants as its 
> value?

from what repo/origin
how_installed (meaning what command/program did the work)

actually the set of things we might want to set is large.


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