[Rpm-maint] Issue: "--rcfile" option can not work for rpm command in 4.8.0

Bingel Tang bingel5 at 126.com
Tue Jan 18 10:10:48 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Sorry to bother you!

I'm not sure is it a bug.

I'm working with rpm-4.8.0, and find that "--rcfile" option can not work,
see below to get detailed information:

Environment:   RHEL6  Linux  (x86_64)

[root at rhel6 rpm-4.8.0]$/bin/rpm --version
RPM version 4.8.0

[root at rhel6 rpm-4.8.0]$/bin/rpm -q rpm      <<<< installed rpm-4.8.0-12 rpm

[root at rhel6 rpm-4.8.0]$cat /root/rpmbuild/rpmrc    <<< the rcfile

[root at rhel6 rpm-4.8.0]$
[root at rhel6 rpm-4.8.0]$cat /root/rpmbuild/rpmmacros   <<< the macro file
%_topdir  /root/rpm

[root at rhel6 rpm-4.8.0]$/bin/rpm --rcfile /root/rpmbuild/rpmrc --showrc |grep
-14: _builddir    %{_topdir}/BUILD
-14: _buildrootdir    %{_topdir}/BUILDROOT
-14: _rpmdir    %{_topdir}/RPMS
-14: _sourcedir    %{_topdir}/SOURCES
-14: _specdir    %{_topdir}/SPECS
-14: _srcrpmdir    %{_topdir}/SRPMS
-14: _topdir    %{getenv:HOME}/rpmbuild   <<<<<< did NOT change to /root/rpm

Any replies will be awfully appreciated!


Yours sincerely, Bingel
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