[Rpm-maint] config(N) = EVR dependencies

Michael Schroeder mls at suse.de
Wed Jun 8 16:11:07 UTC 2011

Does anybody know/remember what those config() dependencies
are good for?  They were added back in 2002(!) by commit e788b7c1.
I see that a package gets a

    Provides: config(N) = EVR

if it includes a config file, but why is that also added as Requires,
as the require is always fulfilled by the package itself? Why would
another package require that a package contains a config file?

There's a use case for a config() provides without the N,
we have a perl script that checks if there are any unresolved
(.i.e. .rpmnew...) config files. It would be much faster if 
the search could be limited to all packages that contain config
files. With config(N), I could use the new IndexIterator to
find all config(*) provides, then query each of them for


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