[Rpm-maint] rpm --verify -p does not work

Michael Schroeder mls at suse.de
Thu May 12 15:56:22 UTC 2011

rpm --verify -p <rpm> doesn't run verifyscripts since rpm-4.8.
For rpm-4.9 it segfaults.
The code fakes an TR_REMOVE TE, which works for installed
packages but fails if an rpm is given on the command line.

It segfaults in 4.9 because of the collection code. I don't
think collections should be run for --verify ;-)

Patch attached. It now calls rpmteNew() directly and
uses rpmteSetHeader() to attach the heade. I also needed
to change the code in rpmte so that it no longer calls
rpmteOpen() for a PKG_VERIFY goal, but that doesn't seem
to be bad anyway.


Michael Schroeder                                   mls at suse.de
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH,  GF Jeff Hawn, HRB 16746 AG Nuernberg
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