[Rpm-maint] Plugin ponderings

Reshetova, Elena elena.reshetova at intel.com
Thu Nov 29 14:57:51 UTC 2012

>Much better late than never, the indentation is now exactly as it should
be, good! There's just one extra leftover indent level for the execv() call.
Oh, missed that one since it wasn't in diff: fixed now!

>I'm afraid we'll need one more round: you perhaps took my "that's what
RPMSCRIPTLET_EXEC bit is for" (wrt embedded scripts) a bit too literally :)
>What I meant is that the RPMSCRIPTLET_EXEC bit defines whether something is
embedded or external - external scripts always have it, embedded ones never
have it as there is nothing to exec. The patch gets it a bit backwards in

 Oh, then I indeed misunderstood you: I was thinking that external scripts
will have fork + exec and lua ones just exec, since they are "executed"
after all (just not via exec). Now fixed, too. 

>While not strictly necessary, I think rpmLuaScript() could be changed to
take the additional 'plugins' argument while we're at it, if only to keep
symmetry between the two functions. It'll be needed later on anyway, unlike
the selinux argument which gets >passed to runLuaScript() just for the
symmetry's sake.

Sure, added!

I am attaching the new version now *without* saying that this is "the last
one" :) 

Best Regards,

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