[Rpm-maint] better way to port packages to new architectures

Pavel Raiskup praiskup at redhat.com
Mon Apr 8 08:21:34 UTC 2013

> On my rawhide box, the config.sub from rpm-build and automake-1.13 seem
> to support aarch64 already whereas the ones provided by libtool,
> redhat-rpm-config, and older automakes do not.

I would suggest to use automake's version also.  It is the place where the
config.{guess,sub} files come originally from during autoconf phase (more
accurate during the automake --add-missing run).  This should be also the
most up2date.

I could probably try to prepare special package like other distros have
having only the config.guess/config.sub payload (handly synced with
upstream git).  If you would like this package as source for rpm, let me

There are also some tries, including my unsuccessful one (upstream
maintainer replied me privately that this is not going to be pushed - as
there is well hidden what exactly is happening at background and it is
quite truth):


On automake mailing list I was given some older pointers with tries to
move the work with these scripts to autoconf:


So this is most likely going to be solved in future, but in the meantime
the rpm is good place to workaround upstream issues as it costs a little
of work.

> The autoconf package installs the config.{sub,guess}.1 man page but no
> config.{sub,guess} -- is that intentionally?

That is as upstream deals with these files.  Manual pages are in autoconf
upstream tarball and config.guess/sub in automake.

I observe that there are general intentions to move files from one package
to another in autotools to place these files to more logical place (and
for config.guess/sub files is autoconf more logical imo) - so this may be
also the case (but still only the man page is moved).


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