[Rpm-maint] AND dependencies

Vít Ondruch vondruch at redhat.com
Fri Apr 12 11:53:57 UTC 2013


In February, I attended Developer Conference [1] and I saw interesting 
presentation by Michael Schröder [2, 3]. What was the most interesting 
part for me are the AND dependencies (slides 6/7 [2]) and I'd really 
love to see support for them in RPM. Let me show you my use case.

There are two main Ruby implementations available in Fedora, i.e. MRI 
and JRuby. We would like to share the gems between them. The plain Ruby 
gems works just fine with both implementations. The problem is with gems 
with binary extensions, lets say rubygem-nokogiri. In such gem, there is 
typically some common Ruby code and the binary code, which is specific 
for either implementation.

So now, we have ruby, jruby and rubygem-nokogiri packages and system, 
where we want to install rubygem-nokogiri. Unfortunately, if 
rubygem-nokogiri is monolithic package, which ships bindings for both 
implementations, we would end up with both Ruby implementations on our 
system. But this is not what we want, since for production system, one 
Ruby implementation is typically enough.

Ok, so we can split out the Ruby implantation specific code into 
subpackages. So now we have rubygem-nokogiri with pure Ruby code and we 
have rubygem-nokogiri-mri and rubygem-nokogiri-jruby with the 
implementation specific bits. Now the questions, how to ensure, that 
"yum install rubygem-nokogiri" installs all the needed bits to be able 
to execute the code by either ruby or jruby.

We are able to ensure, the either one or both Ruby implementations will 
be installed on the system using virtual provide, such as "Requires: 
ruby(release)", but in RPM there is currently no way how to specify, 
that rubygem-nokogiri-mri must be available for rubygem-nokogiri to work 
properly, if MRI Ruby are installed on the system. I can imagine, that 
something like "Requires: jruby && rubygem-nokogiri-jruby" and 
"Requires: ruby && rubygem-nokogiri-mri".

It seems that libsolv can solve such dependencies, though RPM is missing 
appropriate metadata and SuSE has to workaround it by special 
packageand() virtual provide. So now the question is, what prevents RPM 
from support of such dependency properly?

BTW I can provide you another case for VIM and Ruby bindings, if you are 
not convinced yet, that RPM should know AND dependencies ;)

Thank you


[1] http://www.devconf.cz/
[2] http://www.devconf.cz/slides/mls-pkgmgmt2.pdf
[3] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNwNF19oFqM

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