[Rpm-maint] Attention: RPM 4.10.3 and 4.11.0 temporarily pulled back

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at redhat.com
Tue Jan 29 11:44:30 UTC 2013

Brown paperbag-time...

A supposed install-regression fix from yesterday turned out to be far 
worse than the disease it was meant to cure: it eats rpmdb's for 
breakfast at least when its packaged as %ghost %config's as it is in 
Fedora, RHEL and derivates.

Rpm 4.11.0 and current git master branch WILL erase those %ghost 
%config's on upgrades, do stay away from those. Rpm 4.10.3 doesn't seem 
to do so despite having the same exact fix, but as a precautionary 
measure I've pulled both versions from rpm.org downloads until the issue 
is better understood.

Apologies for the mess, my best guess is that I got mixed between 
testing on different branches and never actually tested the git 
master/4.11.x version on itself. On the positive side, this embarrasment 
ought to be sufficient motivation for creating a few test-cases for 
%ghost %config behavior...

     - Panu -

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