[Rpm-maint] FSM hooks for rpm plugin

Reshetova, Elena elena.reshetova at intel.com
Wed Mar 6 15:02:52 UTC 2013

>Another issue I just realized is that with this patch, the metadata hook call 
>is not under the setmeta condition so it will get called always, ie in cases 
>like hardlinks when it specifically should *not* be called :)

>I think the fsm-part should be something like this instead:

@@ -1569,6 +1569,11 @@ static int fsmCommit(FSM_t fsm, int ix, int setmeta)

      if (setmeta) {
+       /* Run fsm metadata hook for all plugins */
+       if (!rc) {
+           rc = rpmpluginsCallFsmFileMetadata(fsm->plugins,
+                                               fsm->path, st, fsm->action);
+       }
          /* Set file security context (if enabled) */
          if (!rc && !getuid()) {
              rc = fsmSetSELabel(fsm->sehandle, fsm->path, fsm->sb.st_mode);

Ups, indeed, will fix!

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