[Rpm-maint] FSM hooks for rpm plugin

Reshetova, Elena elena.reshetova at intel.com
Tue Mar 12 13:15:21 UTC 2013

>> Setting the permissions before moving would fix that and also avoid
>> replacing a previous file at all in case we fail to in one of the
>> metadata steps. For the stock metadata the actual path makes no
>> difference, but for security labels you'd want the final path though
>> (to avoid having to figure out and strip the >temp extension from the
>> file), so it'd require passing two paths to the pre-commit hook: current 
>> and final.
> Maybe it is the fact that I had to wake up 3am today to come back to
> Helsinki, but I don't understand why do we need to know the final path
> for security labels labelling? I don't think file is labelled based on
> its destination: it is more like based on what is inside package,
> manifest,  device security policies and etc.

>It's needed for things where the label does not come from the package but 
>system policy, exactly because we lay the disk on temporary name first. At 
>least with SELinux the label is (automatically) set at file/directory 
>creation time based on its path, and rename() does not automatically relabel 
>it. And >because rpm creates the files with temporary names, the initial 
>labels are "always" wrong and we need to manually adjust them for the final 

Ok, I guess you are right, assigning label by path is also a valid way, and 
there can be restrictions on this.

>Of course it would be possible to just leave such things for post-commit 
>where we already have the final path, that would be exactly the same as what 
>currently happens. It just means missing the opportunity to get it right 
>early, eliminating one window of live-update breakage (and an opportunity to 
>bail >before committing the file at all on errors).

No, I think we agreed already that I would be better to do it before commit, 
so we can do it right from beginning :)

So, should we then conclude on having just two more hooks (pre and post 
commit) in addition to already existing hooks? I guess your previous exercise 
on it can be a base and then we can add additional parameters, like path and 
Do you want to do the changes? I can also try to do it tomorrow if they aren't 

Best Regards,

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