[Rpm-maint] rpm patch for discussion

Joerg Hahn hahnjoerg at arcor.de
Thu Mar 14 17:57:48 UTC 2013


I had a look at the rpm- package. Some thing were not as I
wanted them to be. So I sat down and changed some things. See the
attached patch for more details. I eraset some hard coded paths and made
configure recognize what programs are really on my PC.

Additionall I discovered a problem with the lua support. Although I
installed lua from source, some dependencies could not be solved. One of
them is luaL_putcher. The only one I remember.

I don't read the maint list. So if you want to get in contact with me,
you have to write me a pm. Thanks for your work and time.

george aka Joerg Hahn

hahnjoerg at arcor.de
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