[Rpm-maint] [PATCH] Improve macro table performance

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at laiskiainen.org
Fri Mar 22 07:14:21 UTC 2013


On 02/13/2013 08:34 PM, Alexey Tourbin wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 12:59:02PM +0200, Panu Matilainen wrote:
>> So, please split it into two parts:
>> - one to eliminate qsort() + bsearch()
>> - one to change the macro entry allocation (and see above)
> I'll recheck if it is possible to separate the data structure and the
> allocation logic, but it seems that it is not, since the data structure
> and the allocation are now tightly coupled.  The skeleton of addMacro()
> now looks like this:
> 	findEntry
> 	if (found)
> 	    allocate entry with shared name
> 	else
> 	    prepare slot
> 	    allocate entry with flexible name
> 	allocate/initialize the rest
> 	insert into the slot
> If it is not possible to produce two patches that commute (i.e. can be
> applied in any order), it is probably best to go with a single patch.

Haven't heard you in a while so checking on the status: in this 
particular case I care more about the performance win (which also cleans 
up the code) than having it split no-matter-how-hard.

In other words, I'd rather just apply the patch and get on with other 
things, but if you have already put significant effort into splitting 
the thing and/or are close to sending the patches I dont want to make 
that effort go wasted.

So please let me know whether you're working on it or if its okay for me 
to just apply the original patch.

	- Panu -

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