[Rpm-maint] [PATCH] Fix signfiles issue with shrinking sigh

Lubos Kardos lkardos at redhat.com
Mon Aug 17 14:52:19 UTC 2015

Hi Fin,

after applying this patch when somebody will delete a package signature from
a package, then the whole package will be  always re-written no matter if
"--signfiles" is defined on the command line. This is a regression, previously
it was possible to remove a signature from a package without re-writing
the whole package.

Besides that, this fix doesn't fix all issues. Try to sign an unsigned package
generated with rpm-4.11 (packages have no RPMSIGTAG_RESERVEDSPACE tag) or try
to set macro %{__gpg_reserved_space} to greater value than default 4096 before
signing a package. You will encounter the problem with headerRead().

There are two solutions for this problem:
- move "origSigSize = headerSizeof(...)" above the includeFileSignatures(...)"
  and calculate the size of RPMSIGTAG_RESERVEDSPACE in includeFileSignatures()
  properly or

- don't put RPMSIGTAG_RESERVEDSPACE into signature header created in


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> Subject: [PATCH] Fix signfiles issue with shrinking sigh
> Hi Lubos,
> We found an issue with adding file signatures to some prebuilt rpms. This
> patch fixes the bug, please apply.
> Thanks,
> Fin

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