[Rpm-maint] [PATCH] support for multi-threaded compressors

fredrik fredrik at skri.net
Fri Aug 28 11:42:29 UTC 2015

Objectives of this patch is to speed up the compression in rpmbuild. To 
achieve this, the patch implements support for a new compressor, 
functioning as an interface against external (multi-threaded) 
compressors. The main issue with these external compressor-wrappers is 
the lack of libraries (i.e. gzwrite, lzwrite). There's no corresponding 
functions for PIGZ, PBZIP2, PXZ etc. The new compressor has been written 
to as closely as possible emulate these functions, while piping the data 
from Fwrite to an external process, reading any data from the (external) 
compressor to prevent buffer overflows and/or excessive memory usage. To 
use pigz (instead of gzip) just add to the spec-file:
%define _source_payload w9.pigzdio
%define _binary_payload w9.pigzdio
and for pxz (instead of xz):
%define _source_payload w9.pxzdio
%define _binary_payload w9.pxzdio
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