[Rpm-maint] [support.osuosl.org #27949] Expired SSL Certificate for *.baseurl.org (used by rpm.org)

David Conran via RT support at osuosl.org
Mon Nov 16 00:28:12 UTC 2015

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From: David Conran <dconran at google.com>

Hey ya OSU Open Source Lab,

I noticed one of the projects you host (rpm.org) has an expired SSL
certificate (as of 2 July 2012) and causes a browser warning when visiting
https://rpm.org/register. Cert details seen:

Common Name (CN)
Organisation (O)
Organisational Unit (OU)
<Not Part Of Certificate>
Serial Number
Issued By
Common Name (CN)
OSU Open Source Lab CA
Organisation (O)
OSU Open Source Lab
Organisational Unit (OU)
<Not Part Of Certificate>
Validity Period
Issued On
Saturday, 3 July 2010 at 04:46:40
*Expires On*
*Monday, 2 July 2012 at 04:46:40*
SHA-256 Fingerprint
B2 08 5E 61 A2 FF 53 D8 21 28 88 40 1F 97 CE BB 04 08 74 75 0C 83 37 B1 CA
2E D5 47 34 93 9B D6
SHA-1 Fingerprint
C1 EE 5C 75 04 D2 1A 4B 71 E9 0C B6 9C 38 E0 A8 7A C9 8F B1

Given that http://rpm.org/ lists their site as powered by you guys, you're
the listed CN etc., and http://osuosl.org/contact points to this email
address, I'd thought I'd drop you a note to see if you can update it or fix

rpm-maint at lists.rpm.org,
  FYI. Sorry if this is the wrong list, but http://rpm.org/wiki/Communicate
is short on options. I found this issue when I tried to register to create
a ticket to report another minor issue. I can't/won't set up and account
over a non-ssl connection when it is meant to be.

David Conran - SecOps - Australia
M: +61-429-440-113
(Currently UTC+1000)

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