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proyvind notifications at github.com
Mon Dec 12 16:13:47 UTC 2016

Skimming through your link to suse's patterns, it's hard to easily grasp it's purpose, while if serving the same purpose, the implementation of is not only extremely confusing, hard to maintain and extremely non-standard fashion, rather than implemented in rpm itself in a proper, intuitively named way for wider adoption.

As the group tag more recently has been made optional, with it's replacement that's not limiting to single tag value, requiring standardized set of groups being moved out of rpm, this is really bad considering cross-compatibility, with functionality tied to distro specific dependency solver.

By rather introducing the trivially implementation of MetaTags:, a proper replacement for group tag is provided in rpm itself where it should be, while the support of multiple meta tags rather than group, aids the vendor specific groups that's not standardized across distros, leaving yet another obstacle for cross-distro packaging compatibility.

I hope this better explains it's purpose, rationale, motivation and benefits of. :)

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