[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Detect and fail build on more than one %changelog section in spec (fe8c825)

Panu Matilainen notifications at github.com
Thu May 26 10:18:00 UTC 2016

On 05/26/2016 12:41 PM, Pierre-Antoine Grégoire wrote:
> Sorry to bring this up again, but it is common practice to refer to (sub-package) versions (statically, not using a macro) in changelog entries.
> So are you saying this should be avoided and that versions of Sub-packages should always matche versions of main package?

Different versions (ditto for release and epoch) between sub-packages 
are best avoided because they're not properly supported in rpm, you'll 
run into all sorts of strange quirks and artifacts with them.

> Also, same bug declaration (http://rpm.org/ticket/27) seems to mention that there should not be multiple description macros, which once again seems quite weird.
> I could hear that description are only spec-level things, though in the end they are added to packages, and it feels right that each package has a distinct description, as they are not purposed to install the same thing.

You're misunderstanding the bug. Obviously there can be multiple 
%description sections in a spec due to sub-packages, the bug is about 
rpm not complaining about multiple %descriptions for a given (sub-)package.

	- Panu -
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