[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Add macro to force fsync() on close() (#187)

Jeff Johnson notifications at github.com
Sat Apr 8 23:42:57 UTC 2017

As promised, here is a proof-of-concept patch to permit using either fwrite+fsync or mmap+madvise+msync while writing files onto the file system from a *.rpm package.

The patch passes "make check" (with the current known failures) on tip.

There are various switches to enable/disable the added functionality whose usage should be fairly obvious. I have not bothered with either build/runtime configuration with macros etc because its not yet clear whether msync(MS_ASYNC) actually solves any problem yet.

If the proof-of-concept patch using msync(MS_ASYNC) does work, then we can proceed from there.


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