[Rpm-maint] field in queryformat to print file associated w/line output

L A Walsh rpm at tlinx.org
Sat Jan 7 01:43:34 UTC 2017

Is there a queryfield in rpm to let me print the file
that I'm querying (if it is part of an rpm). 

Trying to do:

rpm -qf file1 file2 file3...filen

to see what rpms the files are in, but I have no certain way
to print something like:

rpm -qf file1..filen --qf="%{QUERYFILE} %{NVR}\n"

where the file I am querying about is printed along with the rpm NVR..

If it isn't there, maybe it's something that could be added?

It's alot more efficient throwing a bunch of files at rpm than to
invoke it on 1 file at a time...


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