[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] regression: specifying "%_gpg_name First Last email at fool.com" does not work (#120)

Dusty Mabe notifications at github.com
Mon Jan 9 17:05:17 UTC 2017

In the example shown [here](https://github.com/rpm-software-management/rpm/blob/1ce844ab263bf49ee6d5145ed09e73f2c17924cc/doc/rpmsign.8#L67) I should be able to specify a macro of `%_gpg_name Dusty Mabe <dusty at dustymabe.com>` and be able to use that. Unfortunately, i get this error instead: 

$ rpm --addsign ./grub2-2.02-0.38.fc25.dusty.x86_64.rpm                           
gpg: signing failed: Line passed to IPC too long
gpg: signing failed: Line passed to IPC too long
error: gpg exec failed (2)

I don't think this is a doc bug because I see other examples around the internet where this format is used. One of them is [here](https://blog.packagecloud.io/eng/2014/11/24/howto-gpg-sign-verify-rpm-packages-yum-repositories/) where the person uses `%_gpg_name Alicia Gonzalez <agonzalez at packagecloud.io>`. So it looks like a regression where this used to work. 

Note that if I use `Dusty Mabe` or `dusty at dustymabe.com` it works fine. So it looks like the "handoff" to gpg might just need some fixing up? 

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