[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] '#' symbol to ignore a macro statement does not valid. (#121)

Geunsik Lim notifications at github.com
Wed Jan 11 08:15:29 UTC 2017

We sometime use "#" symbol to append some contents in ./spec file. This issue describes incorrect operation of "#" symbol in case that we try to ignore a macro line (e.g. %define . . . ) in ./spec file. For example, the  '#' (hash character) symbol to invalidate a macro statement does not valid as following: 

 * It's not okay.  # symbole is not available even though we try to use "#" symbol. 
# %define __debug_install_post            %{nil}
# %define debug_package                   %{nil}


 * It's okay if I remove specified lines:
-%define __debug_install_post            %{nil}
-%define debug_package                   %{nil}

 * It's okay if I remove "%" symbol behine "#" symbol:
-# define __debug_install_post            %{nil}
-# define debug_package                   %{nil}

 * Reference: http://rpm5.org/docs/api/macros.html

Recenlty, I have found an instruction to solve this issue from the Fedora documentation webpage as following: 

**Instruction**: Because macros are expanded first, do not insert any multiline macros in a comment. If you want to comment out a line with a macro, double the percent signs (%%) as in the following example:

`# %%configure`

Does we always have to use double percent sign? My question is why we cannot use a single percent sign? Anyone that has a similar experiecne like me? 

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