[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Pass patch path and ordinal as 1st and 2nd arguments to %autopatch backends (1d7b45e)

proyvind notifications at github.com
Sun Jan 29 13:43:18 UTC 2017

Actually, we ended up solving this different in cooker, where in stead of patching rpm for support,  but rather by adding support for %{_specfile}, we got the patch numbers differently:
%apply_patches %{lua:\
f = io.open(rpm.expand("%{_specfile}"))\
if f then\
  for l in f:lines() do\
    match,b,num = string.find(string.lower(l), "^%s*patch(%d+)%s*:.*$")\
    if match then print(rpm.expand("%patch"..num.." -p1 -b "..string.format(".%04d~",num).." \\\n")); end\

(Notice that we also made sure to reuse the traditional %patch macro to fully achieve same functionality of without maintaining two sets of different patch macros.

IMO. this is the cleanest,  least complex and easiest way to maintain it..

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