[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] WIP: Add brp helper scripts derived from spec-helper (#230)

Neal Gompa (ニール・ゴンパ) notifications at github.com
Fri Jun 2 11:31:53 UTC 2017

This PR includes #122 and attempts to address the remaining feedback.

So far, the following changes have been made:

* pkgconfig manipulation was dropped. The script wasn't even included in #122, and it's not clear it was a desirable change, anyway.
* 'dont' was changed to 'disable', to be more consistent with other things in rpm
* all brp scripts are now marked as executable, so that they would actually run
* Small change in the comment in `brp-remove-rpath`
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-- Commit Summary --

  * add helper script for automatically cleaning backup files from buildroot
  * add brp script for removing any /usr/share/info/dir files created
  * add helper script for automatically relativizing symlinks in buildroot
  * add helper script for removing libtool .la files from buildroot
  * add brp script for automatically converting DOS to UNIX style EOL
  * add brp script for removing standard search paths from rpaths
  * add brp script for enforcing correct permissions for certain files
  * add brp script for automatically fixing non-XDG compliant .desktop files
  * add brp script for automatically creating library symlinks using ldconfig
  * add brp script to check elf files unused libs
  * add script for checking elf files for undefined symbols
  * add disablers for existing brp- scripts
  * Change 'dont' to 'disable' for brp script flags
  * Make all brp-* scripts executable
  * brp-remove-rpath: change "wuzz out" to "quit" in comment

-- File Changes --

    M platform.in (19)
    M scripts/Makefile.am (10)
    A scripts/brp-check-elf-files-for-undefined-symbols (31)
    A scripts/brp-check-elf-files-for-unused-libraries (33)
    A scripts/brp-clean-files (37)
    A scripts/brp-fix-desktop-files (17)
    A scripts/brp-fix-eol (16)
    A scripts/brp-fix-file-permissions (33)
    M scripts/brp-java-gcjcompile (0)
    M scripts/brp-python-bytecompile (0)
    A scripts/brp-relink-symlinks (30)
    A scripts/brp-remove-info-dir (15)
    A scripts/brp-remove-libtool-files (14)
    A scripts/brp-remove-rpath (49)
    M scripts/brp-strip-shared (0)

-- Patch Links --


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