[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Add optional Class: attribute into Preamble (#236)

Michal Novotný notifications at github.com
Fri Jun 16 09:03:28 UTC 2017


right now, spec files do not have any 'type' identifier, which means, they all need to be treated the same way in a distribution. If they contained a class specifier, there could be two (or more) types of packages, each with a different set of requirements given to them by a distribution standard (e.g. Fedora Packaging Guidelines for Fedora distribution). This might be very useful because with containers, the rpm packages can be constrained less heavily in what they can do in the system. At the same time, it will be useful to mark those packages as having those extended capabilities so that user (and tooling like a package manager) knows what to expect from them. That's why this information should be ideally stored in rpm header to be easily accessible to everyone.

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