[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Add support for new package declarations in Perl 5.12+ (#237)

Sebastian Riedel notifications at github.com
Fri Jun 16 15:09:35 UTC 2017

This is a [patch](https://build.opensuse.org/package/view_file/Base:System/rpm/perlprov-package.diff) we apply to rpm in openSUSE. It allows the `perl.prov` script to detect new variants of Perl package declarations that have been added in recent years.

In [Perl 5.12](https://metacpan.org/pod/distribution/perl/pod/perl5120delta.pod#New-package-NAME-VERSION-syntax) we got version numbers as part of the package declaration.
package Foo 1.0;

package Bar v1.0.0;

And in [Perl 5.14](https://metacpan.org/pod/distribution/perl/pod/perl5140delta.pod#package-block-syntax) we got the package block syntax.
package Foo {...}

package Bar 1.0 {...}

package Baz v1.0.0 {...}

We noticed this problem recently because [Dist::Zilla](https://metacpan.org/source/RJBS/Dist-Zilla-6.009/lib/Dist/Zilla.pm#L1), a popular Perl module, started using a version number as part of the package declaration and `perl(Dist::Zilla)` could no longer be resolved.
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Add support for new package declarations in Perl 5.12+

-- File Changes --

    M scripts/perl.prov (6)

-- Patch Links --


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