[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Change the shebang of pythondistdeps.py to Python 3 (#212)

torsava notifications at github.com
Thu May 4 15:41:48 UTC 2017

> First of all, while PEP 394 recommends this, it's not what's common practice amongst distros, where Arch not even being a RPM based distro makes it less relevant.
> I know of no rpm based distros where /usr/bin/python isn't pointing to the default python interpreter binary version.

I've just checked and the following RPM-based distros are keeping with the upstream recommendation of keeping `/usr/bin/python` always pointing to Python 2 (and if Python 2 isn't installed then`/usr/bin/python` doesn't exist):

 * Fedora
 * openSUSE
 * Mandriva (though here the container I found and tested was a bit old)

I would argue that's a solid chunk of the RPM-based distros.

> However, if you really think this is a necessity (where forcing distros still using python2 to patch the shebang themself would be considered less acceptable than not adhering to PEP 394), 

Right now the above distros are being forced to patch it. I think the burden of a patch should lie with the Python 2–only distros nowadays, this close to Python 2 EOL.

> the patch betlow would be the more proper way to achieve your goal.
> This one also ensures that this $PYTHON is used for both %__python and the python bindings as well.

The patch looks interesting, though I'm not nearly experienced enough with the RPM code base to vet it. My only suggestion would be to set the default to `/usr/bin/python3`.

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